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Mr Navin Agarwal - Managing Director - Life Line Surgichem India Pvt Ltd

Mr Navin Agarwal Founder and Managing Director of Life Line Surgichem India Pvt Ltd started this company in the year 1989 with a determined vision to serve the health care industry. He chose to enter an industry where the demand was all time high but there was a serious lack of quality suppliers in the market. Choosing the disposable sector was a wise decision that Mr Agarwal took and started Life Line with disposables syringes as his first developed product. Since then he has developed many more quality products to serve the health care industry with an unwavering focus on developing and serving a core quality product. He is someone who has given a whole new definition to the disposable industry and believes in living for his clients. It was important that Laymen, Doctors and end consumers understand the use, the sterile quality, safety and benefits of using disposable items in hospitals or related industries. Hence Mr Agarwal decided to launch his own brand Safe Life in the year 2000 so that consumers could be aware and choose the quality products more wisely. Medical Disposable is indeed the most fastest growing industry and its ACT (average consumption time) is more than an FMCG industry. He knew it's imperative to maintain the product availability as the demand was all time growing. Hence, he developed the approach of faster manufacturing process and created a very strong dealer network so that the products could be available wherever and whenever the consumers need them.

In an entrepreneur forum interview when asked, what drives you to do this business?
Mr Agarwal addressed "I believe in protecting the ones who protect us" and his statement won a lot of hearts. He simply meant protecting and keeping the doctors and nurses safe from any kind of infections during surgeries. Mr Agarwal always choose to invest his capital in the development of his PPE (personal protective equipment's) products and to maintain and enhance the quality delivered. He is also one of the first ones to enter and promote SMS, SMMS and SMMMS technology in Gujarat for better filtration and protection from growing air bourn infections.

Today Mr Agarwal's science driven company Life Line Surgichem has developed a wide range of products serving the health care industry and the brand Safe Life is very famous an well know in major hospitals and pharma companies for its quality and good will. Mr Agarwal believes in keeping people at the heart of everything they do, with the goal of benefitting and protecting more patients, doctors and medical staff in the future. Leveraging science to enhance the quality level of safe life products.

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