Camera Cover

The Safe Life Disposable Surgical Camera cover creates a sterile barrier around the camera head and cable.

Its core benefits are that it extends the life of an expensive video camera's heads and cables.

Also prevents glutaraldehyde exposure by eliminating the necessity for soak disinfection. It allows simple and quick application along with a strong adhesive tape ensures secure camera head protection.

Our manufactured Disposable Camera Covers for Endoscopy, Arthroscopy and Laparoscopy are highly demanded in markets owing to their longer service life. Video cables, diathermy cables and other types of cables used in different specialties are difficult to sterilize hence our products steps in.

Our Endoscope Camera Cover is manufactured in accordance with unique machine folding. Utilizing an integral ring frame and quickest and simplest way to create a sterile field around video wired system. Thus, eliminating the need to disinfect or sterilize your delicate camera head and cable between cases. Prolonging their life and performance and consequently saving significant sums in repair costs and the premature replacement of capital equipment. Its also offers effective barrier, allowing quick and easy application

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