Surgical Gown

A Surgeons gown is an important medical product. As such, they must fulfil the basic demands stipulated in the standard series of protection and being a bacteriological barrier. Safe Life’s Surgeon’s Gown’s relevant properties, such as a barrier effect, purity, low particle release rates and strength are stipulated in the test methods. Along with the tolerances to be fulfilled for qualifying as a medical product for various types of operations, different product qualities (performance classes) that we defined are as:

  • High performance, for operations with a high risk of infection and penetration by liquids.
  • Standard performance, for operations where these risks are lower.
  • Our SurgeonsGown is a principal barrier against disease transmission.

Our SMMS fabric refers to a fabric consisting of four thermally or adhesively bonded layers (spunbond layer provides the strength, the two meltblown layersare the barrier). Wet-laid fabric is made by suspending wood pulp or a blend of polyester and wood-pulp fibers in water to obtain a uniform dispersion, and then separating the fibers from the slurry by draining the water through a fine mesh screen.

OurOur Safe Life Disposable surgical gowns have been adopted to prevent the release of pollutant particles into the air which is a probable source of contamination to the patient. Our Single use Surgeons gowns are becoming the first choice of healthcare professionals as they are way superior to reusables. They have confidence that they will be protected from any sorts of infection.

For gowns, comfort and stiffness may affect perspiration and movement. Our gownsare tensile, tear, burst and puncture resistance.

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