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Advancing Life – That’s what Life Line is all about.
Providing personalized protective healthcare solution. We aim to innovate and create solutions that would facilitate the end consumers whenever they use our products.
We are a science-driven healthcare disposable company with a purpose to help people protect themselves and to do more, feel better & live longer.
We at Life Line Surgichem have been in the industry since 1991. Over two decades we are constantly involved in supplying, developing, manufacturing and exporting health care disposables. Life Line Surgichem is now engaged in being a leading Manufacturer and Exporter in the world of disposables items.
Life Line Surgichem India Pvt Ltd is a leading ISO Certified, disposable wear manufacturing company. Life Line follows an advance protection technology in making disposable wear like gloves, apron, inner wear, footwear, gown, plain drape, umbilical cord clamp, camera cover, shoe cover, sterilization wraps etc.
Rather than commoditize, we choose to specialise ourselves and thus are focused on serving healthcare industries who constantly need disposable items. We involve in latest technology machines to produce and provide a complete quality solution with a wide range of products.

It also gives us an immense pleasure in introducing our brand Safe Life which offers high quality products, superior service and competitive pricing, ensuring the customer has the products whenever and wherever they need them.
We strive to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing health care disposable products. We follow new science, put patients & doctors protection first, follow and do the right thing. We are entrepreneurial
Our purpose underpins everything we do. It gives us a reason to come to work every day. It reminds us why we exist as a company. It helps us deliver benefits to patients, doctors, nurses etc and create value for our consumers. It also sets the context for our employees’ activities and the roles of our teams, partners, distributors and other collaborators.

Our values determine how we work together and the behaviours that are integral to our drive for success. Our values guide our decision making, define our beliefs and foster a strong work culture.
We at Life Line are making it easier for people to afford our disposables, especially in emerging markets. We also focus on developing strong collaborations with a wide range of partners to strengthen healthcare capabilities, particularly in developing economies.
We have world-leading businesses that research, develop and manufacture innovative disposables.
We are committed to widening access to our products, so more people can benefit from our world-class healthcare protection solution.
We put people at the heart of everything we do, with the goal of benefitting and protecting more patients, doctors and medical staff in the future. Leveraging science to enhance the quality level of our products.

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