Surgical Caps

Safe Life Surgical caps are used in different aspects and different departments like Operation theatre, during general practicing, in labourites, or for patients etc with the definite goal to minimize the chance of any infection.

Even clean and recently washed hair is contaminated with loads of bacteria. The risks of not wearing a surgical cap involves penetration of hair fall, dandruff or similar particles in the sterile environment.

Our surgical cap minimizes the risk of hair falling into the sterile area during surgery. Ensuring that all the hair area is covered by the surgical cap before proceeding for scrubbing or surgery.  

Doctor’s don't ever want any particle or hair flying into an open wound. The ventilation system in the OR does make stuff move. Hence Doctors wear Surgeons Cap, just like everyone else in the OR, and they wear them for the same reason.

Our surgical cap is indeed a very effective protective equipment for patient’s. It usually saves head from painting during surgery under general anaesthesia.

Safe Life Disposable Surgical Cap prevents any dirt or debris from contaminating instruments or the overall operative site.

Our caps are manufactured from non-woven material and is available in different GSM.

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