Sterilization Wrapping Sheet

The use of sterile surgical instruments is a key aspect during any surgery. Guidelines from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that all surgical instruments should be sterile.For more than 75 years, hospitals have been packaging surgical instruments to maintain sterility until instrument use. Hence the Safe Life sterilization wrapping sheet provides protection against contact of contamination during handling and provides an effective barrier to microbial penetration.

The most preferred method to maintain sterility of surgical instruments is using sterilization wraps (smms) which most hospitals use as packaging options to minimize microbial contamination of the instruments inside.

In the late 1960s, when nonwoven materials were introduced and provided an effective tortuous path that protected against microbial contamination and, when treated, provided liquid resistance capability. The introduction of polypropylene allowed the development of wraps that possessed strength, barrier, and repellent properties.

Apparently, our product Safe Life Sterilization Wrapping Sheet comprises of layered design consisting of spunbond/melt-blown/spunbond (SMS) layers. This fabric consists of four thermally bonded layers; "spunbond" provides the strength and "meltblown" + "meltblown" provides the barrier. These multiple layers provide excellent protection from microbial contamination.

Most of hospitals uses two sheets of our standard sterilization wrap, one wrapped after the other. This procedure creates a package within a package. The non-sequential process uses two sheets wrapped at the same time so that the wrapping needs to be performed only once. This method provides multiple layers of protection of surgical instruments from contamination and saves time since wrapping is done only once. Multiple layers are still common practice due to the rigors of handling within the facility.

Our wrapping sheet for wrapping surgical instruments are clearly superior to older products available in the market. These sheets are available in different sizes 60 x 60 cm, 90 x 90 cm and 120 x 120 cm as well. The characteristics of an ideal wrap are well described and tested in our premises. Professionals evaluate individual wraps based on intended usage. Our new and existing products are constantly being introduced into healthcare sector and is been evaluated and appreciated by the top renowned Doctors and Hospitals.

  • Soft, strong and tear-resistant
  • Resists event-related contamination
  • Tough four-layer, low-lint SMMS construction resists penetration by particles and liquids
  • Naturally latex-free, nonsterile, and steam and ETO compatible
  • Light blue
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